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Integrating Montessori practices into your home life will aid your child's life and help create a solid foundation for your relationship as they grow. I am happy to help you create a prepared environment, help train your caregiver, or guide you in whatever ways you find helpful.

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Dear Parents,

Planes Child Care, LLC is named for Maria Montessori's discovery - the four planes of human development (infancy, childhood, adolescense and maturity). Montessori spent her life observing children and discovered that if caregivers "follow the child," children's natural interests will lead them to develop independence, a joy of learning and self-discipline. Montessori's principles are the basis of my work with you and your children.

Parents are central to a child's environment at all times. My primary responsibility is to assist your child in his or her unique growth. As part of that responsibility, I strive to ensure that there is consistency between the home environment and school environment. To that end, I provide assistance to parents to help them learn more about how to apply Montessori principles in the home. With knowledge and love, you can offer the best opportunities for your child to grow and develop his or her unique gifts. I look forward to speaking with you more about your motivation for pursuing Montessori at home.


Heather Lataille