Planes Child Care, LLC

Expectant Parent Package

Give a gift that will last for lifetimes! Investing in learning about how to prepare the home environment during pregnancy is one of the first acts of love you can show your newborn. This package comes with three in-home visits to take your through the first year of your child's life:

Pre-birth Visit:

  • Preparing the home
  • Layette and baby shower gift ideas
  • Montessori in birth
  • What to expect when baby comes home

2-4 month Visit:

  • Preparation for weaning
  • Home environment after 5 mo.
  • Stages of child development
  • Development of the hand

8 month Visit:

  • Preparation for walking
  • Home environment for walkers
  • Language basics
  • Basics of positive discipline

Cost: $220

Consulting Services

In-Home Consultation

If you are committed to the Montessori approach to assisting your child through infancy but are not sure where to begin, I can help. During a 1-hour In-Home Consultation, I shall walk through your home environment to assess the conditions that your child will be or is experiencing. For an additional fee, I can provide you a detailed report with pragmatic suggestions on how to have a child-centric home. In-Home Consultations are intended for parents of children who spend most of their time at the home, although parents of children in daycare will also benefit from a child-centered environment.


1-Hr. In-Home Consultation $60

Detailed report with pragmatic suggestions $100


Parents need to feel confident that their child’s caregiver is sensitive to the child’s needs. If you have a nanny that you love and want to know whether their approach meshes with Montessori’s discoveries, I can observe your child in his or her environment and offer you and your caregiver concrete suggestions for improving the interaction between your caregiver and your child. An outsider’s opinion based on observation will give you confidence that you are providing the care your child deserves. It will empower your caregiver with tools that will make their job more rewarding.


2 Hr. In-Home Observation $120

Detailed report with pragmatic suggestions $200


Absorbing Montessori's insights into our daily lives takes time. Follow-up consultations last 30 min. and offer clients a chance for additional information about the home environment and discuss any questions that arise as the family adapts to an environment prepared for the child. 


3-month follow-up $45

6-month follow-up $45